The manufacture area spans over as much as 2,500 mof covered surfaces, including a welding and sheet metal cutting workshop, element building area, machine workshop, covered warehouse for finished products and materials warehouse.

With professionally trained employees, we offer over 4,000 hours of monthly capacities. Flexibility is our  priority.


Our main production activities are:

  • transport and warehouse equipment,
  • machine building,
  • metal constructions,
  • metal palettes,
  • transport trolleys,
  • metal cutting, welding, milling, machine processing, drilling services and other locksmithing works.


Why choose us?

  • we have all the necessary knowledge and assets,
  • we offer highly professional services and short completion times
  • we have years of experience, 
  • we are competitive, reliable and responsible,
  • we tend towards innovation,
  • we know how to listen to the needs and wishes of our client,
  • we have successful relationships with coperants and contractual partners.

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