The quality policy defines the general, strategic and development direction of KOVINAR, Novo mesto, d.o.o.

  • ensuring quality must become a way of life and work for every single and all members of the company Kovinar, Novo mesto d.d.
  • our products must completely satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients,
  • we must increase quality in all fields of work and business, and make it our market advantage number one,
  • the quality management system must be creatively upgraded, as it will certainly enable us to have a better future,
  • we must accept and understand quality as a motivating factor of business, education is the key to achieving quality,
  • we must constantly strive towards exceeding the product, service and business quality of our competitors,
  • clients and suppliers are out partners, good cooperation with them is an important element for the 
    achieving of quality,
  • if we do our work with all our hearts, and are proud of our products, we will succeed,
  • our approach to ensuring quality is based on the principle of prevention and the demand, that everyone
    does their work well first time and every time.


Certifikat varjenja

ISO 9001:2015